HTML-Bridging the gap between human & machine

Amazing.  Having outgrown the customization options of the wonderful free services here at, I decided to venture over to their .org sister site.  Minutes later I was (virtually) knee deep in HTML tutorials and today, a mere 18 hours later I’ve written pages and pages of code defining an attractive and fully functional web-page.

I will take about 2% of the credit for this, give another 8% to the age I was brought up in for preparing me, and give the rest to the genius’ that have developed this code and the mechanisms necessary to decipher it.

I suppose I’m what ‘they’ call a newbie and I’m sure the learning curve begins to level off significantly from here on in, but that’s just the way I like it.  Entice me with instant gratification and then toss me to the wolves and see how I fare.  How could I fail though?  The language is so damn logical and, who knew what that magical menu item “page source” was for on your browser.  Learning HTML is much simpler than teaching your five year old to read is all I have to say.  Sound it out?  Sure, that works about 10% of the time.  Do you know how many different sounds the letter ‘a’ makes?

<HTML>-one tag, one meaning.</HTML>  Brilliant.  The only challenge is planning ahead and remembering to close all your “‘s and <‘s.

It is truly a credit to our great minds and not a thing to be taken for granted that we have developed a language so powerful.  The syntax is such  that a human can begin to write it with little practice and a computer can understand it provided you ‘dot your i’s and cross your t’s’ so to speak.

I don’t even have a web-host yet much less a reason to publish a site.  I’m only writing to celebrate the awakening I’ve had.  If I wanted to I could do this, or that, or this-and-that….and it would show up in your home for $6.95 a month.  Currently, I don’t have any monthly bills in the single digits and most, to tell you the truth are in the triple if not quadruple digits and so I’m enticed all over again.

All I need now is some inspiration.  Hmmmm?  What to publish and why?


One response to “HTML-Bridging the gap between human & machine

  1. Why not build the children’s art gallery web site. I believe you are on to something there. People love kids, their kids, other people’s kids, all kids. You could probably get parents to sign their child up for a personal gallery page. Make it interactive to really challenge your skills and develop theirs. They use a program to build art on the computer or upload different mediums from home. Or even that story you were writing, you could publish children’s stories, or even have everyone write one sentence to make a whole? I don’t know however there exist infinite possibilities? Wait infinite? That’s another blog.

    I am happy to hear you are as profoundly touched by HTML as I. So we are a decade (or two?) behind, it’s never too late to learn new tricks.

    You should also check out: for design tutorials.

    My favorite line: “Entice me with instant gratification and then toss me to the wolves and see how I fare.”

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