Infinite patience

I must liken patience to erosion.  You can not say that they aren’t aggressive tactics, only that they seem passive because they elude time.  Rivers have cut gorges through rock and patience, provided it is practiced religiously, can do the very same.  Time itself has no interest in our meddling’s but, if you can grab hold of its incessant flow, you can make it work for you as you can any other force.

Nature is lazy but that’s not to say it doesn’t accomplish it’s tasks just the same.  Water has no interest in destruction but if you speed up the video tape (so to speak) , it’s seen to cut just like a knife.  Martin Luther King, king of all catalysts said that the time was now.  Of course what he meant was it’s time to pick up the pace.  Things do not happen overnight.  But things do not happen without incentive either.

It is quite a chore to employ patience for the purpose of change.  It requires a seemingly reckless abandon of haste.  Still, we recognize that there are some accomplishments that do not come so easily; some that can not be obtained by brute force.  For example,  no degree of of admonition nor encouragement will make your ice cubes freeze faster.  The process is simply a function of temperature.  And in our lives, some processes ,like temperature, are out of our control.  It is the business of science, as best it can, to control such conditions as it should be our own business to do so.   Take responsibility for your actions and take a moment to think of the actions of others.  This is how I interpret the serenity prayer.

You can not predict the circumstances you may find yourself in, but you do oversee your reactions to them.  This is the only thing we have control over.  Nature gives us processes’ that happen under certain conditions and says, “Here…tell us what the conditions are”.

Ahh, I can not help it.  I am deeply immersed in the study of physics…and of chemistry…and can not help but seek causes for what happens in my life and explanations for how to divert said causes for my own purpose.  I can finally consider myself an engineer but the realization is both a curse and a blessing.  I have the desire to accept the magnitude of the difficulty before me and the sentence of determining the solution. It is with pleasure and great pain that I take on the task.

For some unexplainable reason I have not seen my daughter, the gem of my reality, for some weeks now.  The best solution I have yet come up with is patience.  But what quantity is sufficient for my purpose?  Infinite it seems.



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