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Children’s Artwork Gallery

February 2009 As the father of a five year old and a general appreciator of art, I have come to adore the images our children offer us.  Just give them a paintbrush, a crayon, anything that will leave a mark and they know just what to do.  Forget to supply them with paper and they will choose their own medium; walls, floors, furniture…

Now that I have this space available, I thought I’d try and host a site where parents could send their children’s work to be displayed with that of their contemporaries.  I have started a gallery of my own with just a few of myFebruary 2009 daughter’s recent creations.  I am hoping that word will spread and we can begin to amass a more substantial collection.

If you or anyone you know would like to participate, you can contact me via email  at or else by leaving a comment on this post.

In searching around, I have not found anything quite like I am envisioning.  There are many children’s art galleries displaying the work of gifted young artists.  I find though that they are geared towards older children with the talent and motor skills to represent things in a realistic way.  What I intend to embrace

The Artist

The Artist

here though is the fact that our children are drawn to make art as soon as they can grasp a crayon.  Before they can even speak, and perhaps because of this, they exhibit a joy in leaving behind a lasting impression.

This project is purely for fun, it is inspired by the potential to collect scribbles and doodles, paint spills and masterpieces  from around the world in one place and for one purpose.  Because we love our kids and everything they do.

So send me a photo of a play-dough sculpture or of what your son drew on his little sister’s face.  Scan your child’s drawings like I do or else take a picture and email it.   My own gallery is rather primitive at present but I will be glad to solicit my friend, the brilliant web designer, to build us a website should this project gain sufficient interest.

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