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I put a spell on you – Nina Simone

This performance, as it should, could not be more haunting.


Please resurrect Jimi and Miles for just one day.

Rumors that Jimi Hendrix and Miles Davis were planning to record together when Jimi passed away in 1970 are not easy to stop thinking about once you consider the idea.  Yesterday I was listening to ‘Live Evil’ and thought (ironically), if there were a God, and he were a kind one, he would have let us hear Jimi and Miles play together.   Were he a vengeful one I still think he would have chosen to make this one small concession.  Today I am thinking, if there is a God, let him show me a sign.  Let some recording of these two surface after 40 years.  (I’m just kidding.  Please don’t let this heresy offend you.) Can you imagine what Jimi would have done in this group for example?

Q-Tip – Let’s Ride

Today’s song of the day comes from the album ‘Amplified’ in 1999.  Dig the Coltrane changes on guitar over these beats and under these rhymes.

Miriam Makeba – Click Song

Today’s song of the day comes from South Africa via Stockholm in a live performance from 1966.  In a separate interview, Ms. Makeba relates “Everywhere we go people ask me, how do you make that noise?  It used to offend me because it’s not a noise, it’s my language.”  She laughs as she explains this and goes on smiling as she demonstrates the pronunciation of some words.  Click on her picture to see and hear ‘Click Song’ and enjoy.


Ahmad Jamal – Poinciana

Well, after not too much deliberation I’ve decided to start off the ‘Song of the Day’ series with this humble little offering.  I don’t know about you but for me, this song cures just about any hangup life throws at you.