Children’s Art

This page is dedicated to our children and the artwork they love to create.  I am now inundated with every little scribble my daughter has made in the last five years because I enjoy them too much to discard.  Wondering what to do with it all I decided to devote a page of my blog to her creations.  Thinking further, I decided to write a post inviting other parents to display their kids’ artwork on my page in hopes that it grows into a more substantial collection.

Though it’s small at present I envision a gallery not intended to showcase any particular talent but rather the simple fact that our kids love to make art… and we love them.

Click on an image for larger view


2 responses to “Children’s Art

  1. What a joyful blog! Art and more art. What could be more wonderful.

    MaryAnn Kohl
    art author

    • Dear MaryAnn,
      So glad you found this page. I visited your website and can’t wait to start enjoying your books with my daughter. I hope parents will be willing to share their kids projects on my page. It would be great to have a hundred or so more pictures like these to put up. Sounds like you are much more in the mainstream than I when it comes to children’s art though. Please send some more viewers this way if you think of it.

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